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WallExpress ©

Cutting-edge technique

EcoConcepts manufactures " WallExpress  ©"

wall panels according to standard dimensions 62 * 250, 125 * 250 and 230 * 250 cm

They are made up of 100% Belgian PEFC certified timber from sustainably managed forests.

The frames are closed by OSB panels on both sides to ensure the bracing and sealing.

During assembly, they are calibrated on the 4 sides which guarantees a constant size. We add a wood fiber thermal insulator according to the wall models.

The panels are easy to transport and handle, so there is no need to use a mounting crane. The weight of the panels varies from 99 lb to 176 lb for the manu-transportable elements.

Economic Advantage

Low-energy works at the same price as traditional.


Our EcoConcepts Hybrid structures are energy efficient, which allows you to save on heating and electricity throughout the year. Thanks to our manufacturing industrialization, we do not make your home more expensive than the traditional one.


Thanks to the speed of execution of the works, you will save money by entering your home faster: more second rent to pay, less interim interest.

Comprehensive support

The approved distributors of the Ecoconcepts hybrid construction system and  " WallExpress  ©",  walls, WallConnect © level couplers and EcoFloor © thermo-acoustic floors will accompany you throughout the duration of your project.


An upstream study is necessary in order to best introduce our type of construction according to your aspirations. The preliminary project saves execution time of your home as well as a real economic gain.


We also offer modular formulas corresponding to each of your requests and we can inform you of approved fitters.

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