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Ecological & Sustainable Products

The Quick Kit Wood Frame for House or Extension 

The " WallExpress ©", wall panels, the  "WallConnect ©" level coupler and the "EcoFloor ©

 thermo acoustic floor are among the main parts of the EcoConcepts Hybrid construction system and are manufactured in the workshop according to very strict construction rules, allowing to have a quality and dimensions controlled.

They display unrivaled technical, mechanical and assembly performance.

A fast, precise and stable assembly system from the first element.
All finishes are possible on site: wood & zinc cladding, facing briquettes, plaster on insulation, ...
Custom designs and concepts on request.
Whatever your wishes, private or professional builders, we offer you several choices of formulas:
DIY - do-it-yourself 
Closed Shell
Ready to live
Our Expertise
Wood frame
Pool House
WallExpress ©
Micro housing
WallConnect ©
EcoFloor ©
Tiny Dream Houses
 But Also

 Sauna   // Wellness   // Lodges  // Window frame  // Extensions or elevations  // Wood -Concrete-Metal "EcoConcepts ©" hybrid system

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