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Where to find EcoConcepts products as an end user?

Where to find EcoConcepts products as an end consumer?

EcoConcepts develops and manufactures products and creates innovative concepts which aim to create a living environment in a healthy and comfortable environment.

For the distribution of our products, we work in collaboration with a network of trained and approved professionals, distributors and Builders with are trained and approved


What does this mean in concrete terms for you as an end user?

  • You contact a trained and approved distributor

  • A team of specialists who help you develop your project to create a healthy and energy efficient home.

  • Correct and professional assembly

  • Complete and effective support in case you want to mount WallExpress © yourself

  • The guarantee of a specialist in the construction market Wood frame and the different techniques used to build improve or enlarge your home

Distributors Network

In order to locate the distributor nearest to you, enter your address or your city in the field below

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