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You want to build or renovate your house or make an extension to your building such as a Kangaroo habitat, a Wellness Area, a Pool House, a carport, a garage or a Guest House, a garden habitat, or even a Tiny House ... ?


The quickest and easiest solution is to build the extension of your dreams or your house yourself with our WallExpress © prefabricated panels!

On one level or multi-level, everything is possible thanks to our WallConnect © level coupler which incorporates a thermo-acoustic concrete floor in your wood frame habitat.


You can also call on our approved fitters for the assembly of our hybrid constructive solution.

The Quick Kit Wood Frame for House or Extension

The "WallExpress ©" wall panels, the "WallConnect ©" level coupler and the "EcoFloor ©" thermo-acoustic floor are the main parts of the EcoConcepts Hybrid construction system and are manufactured in the workshop according to very strict construction rules, allowing '' have a quality and dimensions controlled.

They display unrivaled technical, mechanical and assembly performance.

A fast, precise and stable assembly system from the first element.
Innovative Building Materials
All finishes are possible on site: wood & zinc cladding, facing briquettes, plaster on insulation, ...
Custom designs and concepts on request.
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Quality Eco-Materials
Guaranteed deadlines
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